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Taking Care of Newly Refinished Bathtubs

The bathtub is a vital piece of bathroom furniture that is used every day, whether for traditional baths or as a place to stand while taking a shower.  Due to regular use, the surface of the tub is constantly exposed to moisture, which over time can corrode and stain the surface and, if cleaned improperly, even promote the growth of mildew.  In order to restore a tub’s surface when it has become significantly discolored, reglazing or bathtub refinishing procedures are available.  In order to provide these services, the tub’s original finish must be removed, and a new bathtub finish must be applied in order to either change the tub’s color or restore its original finish.

Using the proper cleaning and maintenance techniques will preserve a restored bathtub’s new finish.  Using these bathtub cleaning tips will make it simple for you to maintain the fresh finish of your reglazed bathtub.

Cleaning the bathtub should happen right away after the bathtub refinishing.

Refinishing your bathtub is a quick and effective way to update the look of it. The process can typically be completed in a single day.  The application of the new finish may require up to 90 days for it to completely cure. The new finish begins to cure after it is applied.  While the finish is curing, you should follow the following cleaning and maintenance advice for your bathtub:

  • The bathroom shouldn’t be used for at least 24 hours after the bathtub reglazing. If the surface is allowed to get wet while the finish is curing, it may damage the new finish and trap dust, leading to the formation of sharp edges on the surface.  Less dust in the air will make it simpler to stay away from the restroom.
  • Other bathroom surfaces are protected from damage while bathtub refinishing technicians work on them with masking tape. The specialists will leave the tape in place once they are finished so that the client can remove it.  This tape needs to be removed after the first 24 hours, but no later than one week after they have passed.  Make sure to gently remove the tape to prevent removing the new finish along with it.  Take additional care when removing tape from near the drain to prevent breaking the seal on the drain shoe.  You could also speak with a specialist once again to remove the tape.
  • While it cures, it is necessary to frequently scrub the refinished bathtub with soap and a sponge. It will also condition the surface while removing the dust that formed on the finish throughout the drying process.

Refinished bathtub cleaning advice

After the 90-day healing period has ended, you can follow these instructions to maintain your just-recovered bathtub:

  • Following the application of the new finish, the surface needs to be waxed after two weeks. When caring for a reglazed bathtub, this is a crucial step. After the bathtub’s surface has been completely cleaned, apply a thin coat of auto wax using a damp cloth.  As you rub the wax off with a dry cotton cloth, take care not to overdo it.  Your recovered bathtub needs a second waxing three to six months after the first one.
  • Use liquid soap or body wash that is safe for the material and easily rinses away to frequently clean the surface to prevent soap residue.
  • Maintain the faucet in good shape to avert deteriorating caulking and moisture damage.
  • Don’t forget to ventilate the bathroom properly.
  • To keep the tub’s dry surface after use, towel dry it. The tub should not be filled with wet sponges or washcloths.
  • Fix any chips or cracks in the bathtub’s surface immediately to avoid mold and mildew growth. Consequently, water will assemble in the tub’s cracks.

Following refinishing, bathtub maintenance 

Do don’ts Steer clear of rubbing perfume, hair dye, or acidic cleaners on the reglazed surface of your bathtub. Alternately, utilize gentle liquid cleaners.

  • Use harsh scrubbing pads sparingly because they could scratch the surface.
  • Suction cup or rubber bath mats should not be used as their reaction with hot water could harm the finish.
  • You shouldn’t leave items on a fresh finish for more than 24 hours, including shampoo bottles, soap, spray cans, and damp washcloths.
  • Your pet shouldn’t be given a bath in the just completed bathtub.

When it comes to restoring your bathtub to its former glory, bathtub refinishing services are fantastic. However, in order to keep your bathtub looking brand-new, you must clean and maintain it.

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