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We provide bathtub reglazing, bathtub refinishing, tile refinishing, sink refinishing, and sink reglazing. Our friendly staff is dedicated to giving you fast, and superior service.

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One of the most effective ways for bathroom and kitchen owners to change their design is to resurface or refinish a countertop. Countertop resurfacing is the area of expertise for RC Haverford Bathtub Refinishing. This technique gives the space a fresh appearance while helping clients save money by preventing them from having to replace the entire surface. If kitchen owners hire a countertop resurfacing professional, they won’t have to completely overhaul their lives for several weeks to have the updated look they want.

People can readily restore countertops with or without artistic edging to promote fresh, modern looks. You may update your countertops without entirely gutting your kitchen or causing significant disturbances to your home. This work takes less than anticipated and does not require weeks or months to complete, allowing individuals to enjoy a freshly designed area sooner.

Speak to RC Haverford Bathtub Reglazing, the leading countertop specialist, for the most excellent appearance and work. Refinishing countertops builds a new countertop over your existing one instead of making a whole new counter. The steps keep the countertop’s structure the same while giving it a contemporary aesthetic. You’ll want to change the rest of your kitchen after installing new, modern countertops!

Refinishing your countertops can help increase the value of your house. When it comes to a home purchase, people who want to sell their houses should consider renovating the most frequently observed area. The home’s financial and cosmetic value would rise immediately because prospective buyer is more likely to submit an offer if they see an upgraded kitchen. All Haverford, Pennsylvania residents who refinish worktops will profit from the value added by a cheap and successful makeover if they are considering selling their homes.

Although many countertop materials are long-lasting, some people consider upgrading their countertops anytime they notice a problem. Call us immediately to see how countertop refinishing can remedy this issue without breaking the bank!

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Why Consider Our Services?



With many years of experience in the industry, our technicians are capable of fixing almost any damage that occurs to your tubs and sinks.


Cracks, chips, stains, or scratch marks will happen down the road. Most homeowners do not know that refinishing services are available instead of replacements.



Besides restoring the surface, our technicians will educate homeowners to protect their bathtubs, countertops to keep it looking like new for years.


We value our relationship with our clients – this is why we abide by our responsibilities in keeping them satisfied by matching their expectations and accomplishing our work on time.

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Bathtub Reglazing

This is a type of affordable bathtub restoration that involves buffing down the paint and applying a new coat along with some protectant. 

Bathtub Repair

Bathtubs are mostly installed in houses before walls are completed. As a result, when damage is detected at the end of the building process, it is not always possible to replace the tub. 

Tile Refinishing & Regrouting

Do the tiles around your bathroom look so bad that you almost can’t stand to be in there with them? Was the color you chose super nice looking back in the day, but just hasn’t aged well at all?


If you are planning a bathroom makeover but don’t have the money to install new tile countertops, try an economical approach: Resurface your current tiles to give them an entirely fresh appearance. 

Floor Tile Refinishing

Refinishing your bathroom floor tiles will only set you back a tiny fraction of the replacement price while making your floor look as good as new for years to come. It’s a low-cost option for maintaining a pleasant bathroom environment.

Bathroom Tile Refinishing

We can fix and reglaze any bathroom tile as part of our refurbishment process. Tile refinishing is a fantastic way to give your bathroom a fresh new look, especially if you’re sick of staring at the same old tiles.

Bathtub Restoration

We change the surface chemically as opposed to permanently eliminating it. Our professionals use acid etching to give the tub a porous surface. The bathtub will be finished with a perfect, glass-like finish and painted in the color of your choice.

Shower Refinishing

Our work will significantly improve the damage caused by usage in any fiberglass shower repair, refinishing a shower stall, acrylic shower surround, or tile shower. We strive to complete your project promptly at a lower cost than a total replacement of your tub or shower. 

Shower Pan Refinishing

You can save a ton of money by not having to replace your battery thanks to our tub and shower refinishing service, which will make it look new while preserving your existing stall. Do you have a dirty, rusty, chipped, scratched, or incorrectly colored shower floor? Together, we can get it working better than ever!

Our Countertop Resurfacing Features

Aside from being a low-cost alternative to update your countertops, our services have a multitude of features that can give your countertops the update it needs. Our refinishing services are fully warranted, ensuring that your countertop looks new and fresh always.

Beautiful New Countertops For Less

Don’t waste money on new countertops when you don’t have to. Transform the ones you have with professional countertop resurfacing services from us. Call us today to schedule an estimate and find out how countertop resurfacing can improve the look of your kitchen or bath.