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Some Things to Consider Before Refinishing a Bathtub

The work involved in updating a bathtub is greater than you might imagine. It’s true that the majority of bathtub repairs are finished before the tub is painted. Only 2% of tubs are repaired with high-end methods and pricey coatings. Before making the decision to rebuild your bathtub, there are a few things to think about.

What Does Refinishing My Tub Mean?

One approach to refinish a tub to modify the way it looks is to cover it. This procedure is best described as reglazing or resurfacing.

There are various new bathtubs on the market. Some of the materials that are most typically used to make bathtubs are cast iron, steel, fiberglass, and acrylic. Before determining whether to opt to refinish your tub, find out what kind of tub it is and whether it has ever been restored. Trying something new when refinishing may be essential.

Can I handle the upkeep on my own?

As was previously stated, repairing a bathtub entails more than simply cleaning and repainting it. DIY beginners run the risk of spending more money than they would have on a pro while getting a subpar tub finish. Peeling bathtub bottoms are one of the most common issues, and DIY bathtub repair supplies are widely available. Nothing will work the way you expect it to. The two key issues here are inadequate planning and an unsatisfactory result. To ensure that the finished product looks fantastic and lasts for years, a top-notch bathtub refinishing product and deft hands are needed.

What should be done to fix a historic bathtub?

The exterior of the tub must be properly cleaned before the surrounding area is taped off and the tub is painted, just like when painting a car. Refinishers, however, employ a range of methods in their work. Hydrofluoric acid that was exceedingly concentrated was initially used to etch bathtubs, dulling the surface and leaving holes that epoxy primer could subsequently fill. Professionals still frequently employ this method to guarantee that the bathtub’s shiny new coating adheres properly. Not all refinishers are created equal, as was already noted, but when applied correctly, this technique produces incredible results. I firmly believe that not every refinisher will do a precise and thorough job.

It is a major improvement to contrast modern bathtub restoration methods with outmoded ones from the past. Today, a bathtub may be fully scrubbed and refinished by first creating a molecular bond between the surface and the fresh glossy finish using an adhesive. Because it is dependable and efficient, I think this method is the ideal for refinishing a bathtub.


It takes much research to choose a reliable professional to renovate your bathtub. Verify that they has the skills and knowledge required to refinish bathtubs. Demand that bathtub restorations be done using a tried-and-true method. Make sure the refinisher offers maintenance guidance, and ask consumers who have used the product for at least a few years about their happiness. Your bathtub should be easy to restore if you adhere to the instructions in this guide.