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Major Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

The benefits of having an aging cracked, or otherwise damaged bathtub repaired or refinished go beyond appearances. The benefits of our bathtub refinishing method for effectiveness, affordability, and health are listed below:

To save money, replace rather than refurbish your bathtub.

A new tub has multiple costs that are included in the purchase price. The cost of a plumber must be factored in, as well as the cost of replacing the surround, which is necessary and by far the most expensive component, in order to comprehend the full cost of a new bathtub. Even if your tub has significant stains, chips, or even cracks and still appears dirty while being cleaned, there is still hope. For a repair estimate, get in touch with us! The cost of repairs and refinishing is significantly lower than that of replacement, and at RC Haverford Tub Reglazing, we appreciate your time and money. An extensive (and expensive) refurbishing project will be avoided wherever possible.

Your other bathroom fixtures need to be given new life.

Don’t let ugly, stained, and inefficient bathroom fixtures mar the aesthetic appeal of the space. We can refinish your old sink, vanity, and even counters for far less money than replacing them, saving you a ton of money. You may get the same effect as buying brand-new fixtures for a small portion of the cost! Most stains, chips, and scratches on your bathroom suite can be rapidly fixed by us in less than a day, guaranteeing that you are satisfied with the results.

Maintain Lead-Free Old Tubs

Studies have shown that lead levels in many porcelain bathtubs produced prior to 1984 might be extremely high. This puts not only your health but the health of your family in grave jeopardy. In order to protect your family from possible lead exposure, we offer an inexpensive, quick, and risk-free alternative to a complete replacement by enclosing your bathtub.

upgrading a bathtub respects the environment.

Everybody wants to do their part to protect the environment, and refinishing your bathtub is a terrific way to do it! By purposefully choosing not to replace your old tub and dispose of it in a landfill, you make a decision that has a lower environmental impact and costs you less money. Win-win!

Your bathtub will last longer if you get it refinished.

A repaired bathroom fixture might endure far longer than one that is broken or damaged. Results of a typical refinishing job by RC Haverford Tub Reglazing If maintained properly (and we’ll give you lots of advice on how to do it! ), refinishing can last between 10 and 15 years. Abrasive cleaners, bathmats, and scrub pads should never be used!

When it’s time to modernize your bathroom and fix that broken tub, give the experts at RC Haverford Tub Reglazing a call.

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